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A Tale of Extreme Global Warming (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) Greensword: A Tale of Extreme Global Warming by Donald J. Bingle

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GREENSWORD, a novel by Donald Bingle is one of those stories that works on so many levels. First of all, you hope to god it will never come true. The story centers on what a tiny environmental group is willing to do for the cause they believe in—stopping global warming.

You can read the GREENSWORD and just think about what’s happening on the page, but there’s much more there. Bingle examines the nature of the modern American thinking about how to solve problems today. You go for the quick solution, the expedient one, right? This novel of both hilarious and frightening fiction explores the insanity of the our modern world and points out how a “noble” idea can be taken so far you lose sight of the original goal. It shows that even the best of intentions might be a tad misguided. It pokes fun at our world and makes you wonder about the state of the planet in a whole new way.

In my final analysis, I was drawn into the book and couldn’t put it down. Despite the fact that I disliked most of the characters, I was intrigued by them and secretly rooted for them even though I knew I shouldn’t. Keep in mind that many of these characters are not meant to be liked. They are there to serve the story and entertain, of which they do an admirable job.

I judge a lot of books by their ability to make me keep reading. This one did. I simply had the need to see what happened next. I read the whole thing it two sittings, reading the last 200 pages in the second sitting. It’s a short book, just over 250 pages, so it’ll be a quick read either way. If you aren’t able to pick up a copy, ask your library to order one for you, then sit back and enjoy an extreme tale of global warming.

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Paul Genesse

Author of The Dragon Hunters

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Granite Elementary School

I just got back from speaking at Granite Elementary School in Sandy, Utah. My friend and co-worker, Holly’s son goes there. Nate is such a cool kid and he reminds me of myself at his age, except he is much taller and a lot smarter.

Anyway, it was so much fun. I spoke to an assembly, then taught a min-writing workshop. The kids and I created a pretty scary story about a 13 year old black girl from Jamaica, named Janessa, who had psychic powers and was being persecuted for it. Her parents, accused murderers and voodoo practitioners, had already been locked up in jail and men in black were coming after Janessa.

First line: “Janessa, run!” her mother screamed, as the police burst into their house to arrest her parents.

Janessa’s foster parents try to kill her, as she is obviously evil incarnate, but she jumped out of a three story window and into a snow drift and escaped to school. Luckily, her teacher at her middle school in Sandy, Utah, Mrs. Robinson–a smart and beautiful blonde woman in her twenties, helped her escape. Mrs. Robinson drives Janessa to find her grandmother. On their way to Janessa’s grandma’s house in West Valley some black SUV’s chase them down and drive them off the road and into the Jordan River. Mrs. Robinson apparently drowns, but Janessa gets away.

Finally, Janessa arrives at grandma’s house. Janessa hadn’t seen her g-ma for many years and the g-ma tries to kill her when she arrives. Devastated and freezing to death, Janessa runs off in the snow. She is captured later by the men in black and wakes up in a cell with Mrs. Robinson-who is alive.

Janessa uses her psychic powers to escape and frees Mrs. Robinson. They escape and run into an elderly black woman–Janessa’s real grandmother!–who takes them into her old junker car and drives the three of them away in a snow storm. Where will they go? Mrs. Robinson admits in the last line that she’s not just a teacher and the people she works for will help keep Janessa safe.

Pretty darn good, eh? Mrs. Jocelyn Robinson’s 5th grade class is pretty impressive.

Here’s a link to the photos:

It was a really fun day and I’m hoping to go back to the school again in the future.

Paul Genesse, Author and Editor
Author of The Dragon Hunters
Book Two of the Iron Dragon Series
May of 2009

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